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Photo by Rohit Kaushik


In a time during which we are questioning our faith in humanity, Imprint brings you stories that try to capture the core of humanity: happiness. Stories to give you hope; one person, one story at a time. In our physically-distanced world, you never know who you might feel closer to.

Being lactose intolerant meant that I’d never drunk a lot of bubble tea before. But this term, we went all out, and it was completely worth it. I was supposed to be on my co-op term, but my job fell through last minute, and it was too late to look for another one. At the same time, the part-time jobs I was doing were quite inconsistent, so there was nothing much for me to do during the day. But every day at 6 in the evening, my boyfriend and I would meet each other and walk to one of the four bubble tea places we shuffled between. That was the one thing I looked forward to—with the heat and the pandemic, the drinks were the most refreshing part of my day. We tried many new places that, in normal circumstances, we wouldn’t have gone to. Every time, we would experiment with different drinks with different toppings, so we got to taste an assortment of flavours. 

Back in March too, when everyone was newly adjusting to things being online, we used to stay in, binge watch TV shows all day, and then step out in the evening to grab something to eat or drink from Sobeys. I think it was just getting out of the house for a bit, walking around and trying new things that kept me sane throughout these past few months. But the best part is, I finally relate to the bubble tea fad.


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