Stories From Home

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Stories From Home

During a time in which we are questioning our faith in humanity, Imprint brings you stories that try to capture the core of humanity: happiness. Stories to give you hope; one person, one story at a time. In our physically-distanced world, you never know who you might feel closer to.

I’ve always loved watching sunsets, especially over the ocean. My house is a short drive to the beach, so my bedroom window has the best view of the sun setting over the ocean. When I was back in Waterloo, there’s nothing I’d miss more than spending my evenings glued to the window watching the sun go down and the sky changing colours. Since I’ve been home since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve spent at least one hundred and ninety out of two hundred and twelve days taking a couple of hours out to watch the sunset while listening to good music or reading a good book. There’s nothing that calms me down and centres me than those few hours. It gives me some time of the day to reflect, and set my mind free—it’s usually when I get the best ideas for my poems. A while back I raided my library and dug out all my old favourite books and CD’s. Suffice to say, rereading and rewatching them has bought back fond memories of the days when all I could to do was read and watch TV.


My biggest takeaway from the last couple of months is seeking happiness in the little things. Life’s too complicated to wait for something big to come along and make you happy. Sometimes the best we can do is sit by the window with a book in hand and take a breath to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon.



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