Student discounts on campus Getting the bang for your buck



by Alice Zhao

Tuition might get more expensive every year, but at least you can rely on student discounts to save your ass when you’re trying to pay the bills. Here’s a list of my personal favourites that have saved me, time and time again.

WatCard’s Flex Dollars:

Using your WatCard on UW Food Services gives you a five per cent discount. Sign into your WatCard account at and load up some money. The five per cent you save on coffee everyday might not seem much at first, but it’ll add up. This is, however, specifically for flex dollars and not for those who have a meal plan.

Turnkey’s Movie Tickets:

Located in the Student Life Centre and the Davis Centre, you can buy discounted movie tickets for Cineplex Cinemas at Conestoga Mall and Princess Cinemas in Uptown Waterloo.

Student Association Coffee Shops:

The student-run coffee shops that go by different names based on the faculty are the cheapest places to get meals and snacks. Because it’s volunteer-run, staff wages are not accounted for in the cost of the meal, so you can get the same quality of food for a cheaper price. Bring your own thermos or mug for coffee and save even more.

GO Bus, FedBus, and Greyhound Services:

Going home doesn’t have to empty out your bank account. Sign in using your UW email and get a discount on tickets. Make sure you have your WatCard with you in case of an inspection.

Subscription Entertainment:

Most music apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Prime, and Apple Music have student discounts and all you have to do is sign up using your UW email as proof.

Grocery Stores:

Many grocery stores like Sobeys, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Zehrs offer a ten per cent discount on certain days, usually Tuesday, if you show them your student card.


If you’re an engineering student, you’re in luck! Bring your WatCard to the EngSoc office for a special sticker to put on your WatCard to get deals  at DōShack, The Break Room, Crossroads Board Game Café, Al Madina, Sweet Dreams Teashop, Marble Slab Creamery, Baba Chicken Grill, and Mongolian Grill.

Always keep a lookout for student discounts. Even stores like Adidas or BulkBarn offers student discounts, you just have to keep your eye out! You never know when you can save a buck or two.


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