Student Question:  What are your main concerns going into the election?


Imprint spoke to students about the issues driving them to the polls this election

Leading up to the Ontario provincial election, Imprint spoke to students at the University of Waterloo about the issues driving them to the polls this voting season. 

When asked about their main concerns going into the 2022 election, students highlighted several  areas, including OSAP funding, inclusive education, Highway 413, and affordable housing.  


Two students mentioned the recent cuts to financial aid for university students in Ontario and expressed concern about proposed changes to OSAP budgets.  

“OSAP and funding like that. There’s [sic] been talks about, like, cutting the funding and such,” one student said. 

“OSAP cuts. ‘Cause I think I got a little bit of a cut in my OSAP for this semester. It helps when we have a little bit more ‘cause, as a student, you need to be able to have enough money, right? ‘Cause it’s difficult living on your own,” another student said. 

Provincial Finances

One student commented on the province’s finances, saying “I wanna see Ontario’s funds managed better.”

Highway 413 

A group of engineering students criticized Highway 413, a proposed highway and transit corridor that would run through York, Peel and Halton Regions. 

“We’re all civil engineering students so we don’t really enjoy the 413 very much,” the first student said, while the group of students vocalized their agreement. 

“Basically, yeah. Screw the 413,” another student added.  


For some students, education is a priority.

“Education. Especially stuff like sex ed and having inclusive sex ed,” the student said. 

Alternative Voting System 

Another student expressed a desire for an alternative to Ontario’s current voting system, in which the candidate who receives the most votes wins, whether or not they are supported by the majority of voters. 

“I like the idea of an alternative voting system. Because first-past-the-post is just… an issue on so many levels,” the student said. 

Affordable Housing

Skyrocketing housing costs are another major area of concern.

 “I mean, I might be a bit biased as a student but I think that affordable housing is something that really needs to be promoted,” one student said. 


Accessible transportation was also highlighted. 

“Transportation is a big thing that I would look for just because, like, getting to and from places as a student is harder when you don’t have, like a car, and you’re using public transportation,” one student explained.  


“Voting is good.”