Student tips: Stress Management 101


Are you already feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel there are way too many things demanding your immediate attention? Are you overworking yourself and still not satisfied?

It may seem unfathomable but believe it or not it is possible to go about our hectic schedules and not feel drained of energy. Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can tackle midterms and eventually balance classes and still have fun.

Colouring, painting, doodling are all great ways to bring out the hidden artist in you and de-stress. Adult colouring books not only boost one’s creativity but also help rejuvenate.

Pop some bubble wrap.

Cuddle a furry friend. Enjoy a walk outside and grab some fresh air too, try to squeeze in a high-intensity workout. Or even better take a short nap.

Learn to say no—don’t feel like doing something or hanging out with your friends? Rather than dreading that time learn to politely decline the invitation. People will understand.

Always take time out to grow as a person which involves learning something new who knows you maybe passionate about something you’ve never given a thought to. Some very fun activities involve baking, going for a run, hiking, or going to the trampoline park with your friends.

Missing home too much? Call a friend, reminisce about old times and you will instantly find yourself feeling better.

Relax and eat a whole meal.

And lastly don’t worry, All is well! Just give yourself some time.


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