Students react to SLC/PAC delay


Slated for a fall 2020 opening, the SLC expansion has been delayed from its original 2019 opening. Students across campus felt differently when asked how about the delay. 

“I wanted it to be done on time but the fact that it has been delayed yet again means that it might not be completed till the time I graduate,” Philip Creighton studying Psychology in his second yearsaid. 

Building to the west of the BMH green, the expansion will connect all three floors of the SLC to the East corner of the PAC.

“The link between SLC and MC would’ve surely been an added advantage in upcoming winter and I was looking forward to using it but I guess I just have to wait for another year and walk in the cold,” Gaurav D’Souza, studying Astropyshics in his second year, said. 

Many students stated they weren’t aware of the construction delay until they came back on campus.

“It’s getting delayed? I wasn’t aware of the delay”, Abhinav Yeole, studying Science and Business in his 2A term, said. 

“I think it’s good for the university as it’s expanding and I’m glad that the CIF Field House opened. At the start of the semester, the gym is usually very crowded and the new fitness space will be welcome’” Yeole said.

The expansion began in May 2017 and is set to have another 11,000 square feet of fitness space and 345 additional dining space with a link between the third floor of the SLC to MC. 

“I was very excited in the summer to see what it looked like as I had expected it to be open once I was back this term but it’s taking too much time and the construction itself is making it difficult to walk around campus,” Stephanie Cropley, a second-year undergraduate student in the Arts and Business program, said.

She mentioned that the construction is making the campus look less appealing and avoids being around the site. 

“I am still very excited to see the new expansion to come up and utilize the new seating space”. 

The $41 million project is set to finally open in fall 2020 with the university contributing $17 million of the capital costs and students contributing the remaining $24 million through an $18 fee every term.


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