Students vote in favour of U-Pass and Team Spark takes three of four exec seats

Nearly 8,000 students voted in favour of the U-Pass referendum, as announced in the SLC Great Hall Friday, February 14. With only 462 no votes, the student bus pass was approved by a landslide.

Danielle Burt of Team Spark was elected president along with her Team Spark teammates Ben Balfour for VP Operations & Finance, and Maaz Yasin for VP Internal. Stephane Hamade from Team Green was elected VP Education.

Christos Lolas was elected to the at-large seat of senate over Sohail Koushan, while Alanna Benson was elected as arts senator against Dayna Nelson.

Christos was also elected into a math councillor seat along with Jazbel Wang, Febrian Sidharta, Jack Li, and Elizabeth Liu.

Science councillor seat winners are Carly McCready, Mohammad Nasif, Kianna Wan, and Adam Assaad.

Elected to arts councillor seats are Doug Turner, Shaf Khan, Dayna Nelson, Khadija Hamidzai, and Guile Domingo.

For updates on voter turnout and comments from the winners, stay tuned to

<strong>Voter Turnout Statistics</strong>

28 percent of eligible students voted in the GRT referendum.

11.8 percent of eligible students voted in the Presidential election.

Vice President, Operations and Finance election had a 10.8 percent turnout.

Both the VP Internal and VP Education election had an 11 percent voter turnout.

Stay tuned to next Friday&#39;s edition of <em>Imprint</em> for a full breakdown of the voter turnout.

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