Summer beauty tips

Summer is here this week I have some beauty tips to share with you so that you&rsquo;ll always look good under the sun.</p>

Lather on that SPF to protect your skin from harmful sun damage. If you love selfies, you might want to avoid titanium dioxide in your SPF and opt for flash-friendly, non-reflective ingredients. Do not forget your hair too, it becomes damaged by harmful UV rays just as your skin does. There are SPF sprays you can buy that protect your hair from the sun and helps to lock in colour. That is, unless you like sun-bleached hair. Alternatively, you could wear a hat. It makes a great fashion statement, too.


Water. Water. Water.
Beautiful skin is hydrated skin. Carry a water bottle with you to class so you can stay hydrated all day. There are also detox water bottles that help give you an extra boost of antioxidants.


Prime, Powder and Set
This applies to everyone with oily skin. Not only does it help to lock in makeup, but you can use translucent power and a setting spray to help control oil in this humid environment. If you have oily eyelids, you can also use a waterproof eye primer to help control build up throughout the day. This will help you achieve flawless skin, without the tint.


Keep a face mist in your bag and take it out to help you freshen up. Different brands have created mists that not only hydrate, but contain vitamins and anti-oxidants that your skin crave.


Humidity-proof hairspray
How many times have you successfully copied a YouTube hair tutorial, only to go outside and have the humidity ruin it? Invest a bit of money in a professional flexible and firm hold, humidity-proof hairspray. No matter how you style your hair, you’ll be grateful you did. The only thing that should rain down on you are compliments.


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