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I&nbsp;am writing this letter to share my disappointment with your publication printing the article &ldquo;Wrongfully Accused.&rdquo; First off, it&rsquo;s a bad idea to have this as a lead story in a student/campus publication. No student should be left with the impression that the police are terrible at their jobs. The facts presented were only from one side of the story, a very slanted side. No view from a procedural standpoint of the police was put forward. After all, all they need is probable cause.</p>

At any rate, you should be printing more articles that laud the work done by campus police officers. They keep the place safe and it’s the first number called when something is really going wrong. They perform countless duties that go unthanked in and around campus. Like compassion to locate — when students/young adults don’t contact their parents and the parents call saying they are worried  about little Johnny who always calls and hasn’t in a week. I know of an officer that has paid for a taxi for a non-campus member, to get home after hours, reuniting people with stolen laptops and other devices, first on the scene … the list could go on and on.

The assistance that the police provide to the campus community is very far-reaching. All you have to do is look. Maybe ask the readership for positive policing stories. 

You can print this letter, but please do provide an article that paints the campus police in a much more fair light. It’s community policing at its finest.

Efrem Sandy


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UW Staff


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