Sustainability Office to host Eco Summit 2023 Summit will run from 12 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 22


UW’s Sustainability Office will be hosting the 2023 Eco Summit on Nov. 22 at Fed Hall. This event will mark the 10th annual summit, and will focus on accelerating sustainability actions on campus.

The summit will host two panel discussions entitled “How students are pushing sustainability forward” and “Integrating sustainability into departmental operations”. 

The first panel will feature a number of students who have created sustainability initiatives or businesses. Panelists include 3cycle co-founder Jason Amri, Climate Justice Ecosystem co-founder Celine Isimbi, United College’s Indigenous Entrepreneurship Coordinator Evan VanderMeer, and representative for the Curriculum Integration Working Group Maya Morton Ninomiya. Francesca Girmenia, communications and outreach assistant for the Sustainability Office, will serve as moderator. 

The second panel will feature sustainability leaders including David Ha, Patricia Huỳnh, Andrew McAlorum, and Rob Hunsperger. The panel will be moderated by Jacinda Reitsma, UW’s vice-president of administration and finance.

The 2023 Environmental Sustainability Report will be presented during the summit, and a number of environmental leadership awards will be given out. The summit will also feature interactive activities and opportunities for networking.

Registration and more can be found on the Sustainability Office’s website.