Swiftly dancing for music

Dancing. Music. Clothes. Drama. Swag. These five words completely epitomize the much-awaited Fashion for Change Music Awards show held on March 7<sup>th</sup>, in Hagey Hall. There were lights. There were cameras. And there certainly was a hell of a lot of action.</p>

Each year, the Fashion for Change Club hosts an annual charity fashion show in which students indulge and explore their artistic side. The purpose of this is to raise money for international charities like “Free the Children” based in Sierra Leone to help improve the quality of education, healthcare, and sanitation in their communities. According to the Club President, the club has been successful in donating about $60,000 to sponsor their “adopted village” in Moyamba, Sierra Leone to alleviate the suffering of children caused by the devastating civil war.

Fashion for Change combines the glamour of showbiz with a very noble and important cause. With carefully choreographed dances, FC incorporated a modern twist to the traditional fashion runways by introducing “dancing” on the ramp. Just like any music awards show, there were different categories and nominees. There were also featured performances, and this year it was, wait for it, none other than Bruno Mars! The different categories included “Most Authentic Female Artists,” ‘Best Hip hop Throwback Artist,” “Best Love and Heartbreak Artist,” “Most Influential Artist,” “Best and Upcoming Artist” and the hot and sizzling (and understandably a crowd favourite) “The Best Performing Artist.”

The performers donned on clothes, shoes, and jewellery (in the case of female models)  from various popular and higher-end fashion labels such as the Hudson’s Bay, West 49, Simply Giovanna, Stars, Jean Michael in GAP and Suzy Shier. These brands were the clothing sponsors of the show. The clothes ranged in style including formal wear, business wear, semi-formal, casual… even lingerie. The lingerie number was certainly a crowd favourite.

The dance numbers included performances on the music of chart topping artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Nelly, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Sam Smith, and Florence + the Machine. The dances were beautifully choreographed and the performers’ coordination and harmonization was amazing. The choreographers and the stage managers did a fantastic job in synchronizing the models with each other. The energy levels of the performers were almost tangible and the stage was abuzz with excitement and vigour. It was apparent that the models were having a wonderful time finally bringing the fruits of their laborious work to the stage.

The show also included a video message from Mark Keilburger, the director of the “Free the Children” organisation in which he praised the efforts of the club to raise so much money for their cause. Fashion for Change is the largest student-run charity in the tri-city area.

There was also a much-anticipated, all access after-party at Maxwell’s to close the night. 


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