Talking Remote: !Spoiler Alert!

With so much quality television currently on air like <em>Orange is the New Black</em>, <em>Sherlock</em>, <em>Hannibal</em>, and <em>Game of Thrones</em>, I have this urge to make sure that you do not have to keep track and binge watch all of them on Netflix. To help you, I have decided to spoil each of the series for your convenience.

<em>Orange is the New Black</em> &ndash; At the end of Season 1 we were left with Piper joining the underground religious riot group that broke out of prison with the sole aim of spreading &ldquo;lesbian activities&rdquo; throughout New York City. Creator Jenjin Kohan has revealed that Season 2 will follow the women as they all firebomb Whole Foods stores. It is hinted that both Larry and Alex will decide to ditch Piper and become tag team drug dealers in Columbia.

<em>Sherlock</em> &ndash; After Sherlock, John, and Mary&rsquo;s polyamorous marriage I didn&rsquo;t know how else the show could get better. Although, I do have complaints about the show&rsquo;s treatment of their new beeswax and honey company, 221Bee. I think overall the show really found its footing this season. The season ended better than expected with Mrs. Hudson being exposed as the real Moriarty.

<em>Hannibal</em> - Spoiler alert: Hannibal is a cannibal. I know, no one saw that one coming. He finally gets caught this season when people finally catch onto his cleverly blatant cannibalism puns. Will also leaves the FBI in favour of opening a dog adoption centre.

<em>Game of Thrones</em> &ndash; Finally, I revoke everything I said in my May 31 article when I stated that Game of Thrones &ldquo;has taken on a hyperactive mind with attention deficit disorder [and] has regressed into: a patchwork of scenes, not a progression of stories.&rdquo; I take back this statement because with Season 4 I have realized my fault. What with Daenerys riding Drogon finally across the narrow sea and burning Joffery and Cersei alive, I realized how awesome <em>Game of Thrones</em> really is. George R. R. Martin also recently revealed that Ned comes back from the dead as a wight and blows up both Theon and Tywin Lannister with wildfire in Season 4, so prepare yourself. Also, Jon Snow will continue to know nothing.

Hopefully these spoilers will save you hours of Netflix time and open up more room for <em>Duck Dynasty </em>and <em>Adventure Time.</em>