Test your cross-fitness

by Zach Fishman


1. One who makes fabrics by interlocking loops of wool or other yarn.

6. Character from “Penguins of Madagascar” voiced by Tom McGrath.

9. Common term for the superfamily which includes the branches of both gibbons and hominids.

11. Not any.

12. Spanish dance/electronic musician with the Piston Recordings.

15. Dr. ___.

16. A rickety old car or other vehicle.

19. Past participle of a word meaning to certify or confirm.

20. Area is equal to _____ multiplied by width.

21. Dutch spelling of a highly polluted river that passes through France and Belgium.

22. “Yo, pass the ____”

24. Negative affirmation.

26. To improve the quality of.

27. Young goat.

28. Flightless victors of a well known Australian war.



1. Common large carp.

2. Tyrion Lannister is an ____.

3. A city in Indonesia located on an island that shares its name.

4. A nation in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

5. Ocular organ.

7. Martial art that uses coloured belts to indicate skill level.

8. A female student or apprentice.

10. To confuse or worry.

13. Well known horror author.

14. Proposed medium that fills all empty space.

16. Chipset manufacturer based in Taiwan.

17. New Zealand and Australia’s shared Netball league, ceased in 2016. (abbrv.)

18. Command to remove an empty directory.

22. The first card in a standard deck of playing cards.

23. An expression of hesitation.

25. British parallel to “Hey youse”


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