“The Hockey Helps the Homeless Canada Life Cup”: The Virtual Fundraiser Designed to Support Waterloo Region Homeless Amidst COVID-19

Courtesy HHTH Twitter

Local sports may be cancelled for the time being, but restrictions aren’t stopping Hockey Helps the Homeless (HHTH), a volunteer-driven charitable organization, from continuing to raise awareness for the homeless within Canadian communities.

“Homeless shelters across the country are still recovering from the effects of the first wave of the pandemic which is why fundraising is so important right now,” Scott Page, HHTH’s Director of Operations, said. “Every dollar just means that much more to our partners.”

The impact of COVID-19 is particularly negative on homeless communities. The nation-wide loss of jobs has resulted in a lower number of donations for homeless support organizations, despite an increased need for COVID-19 sanitary products and protective gear.  

Additionally while the fortunate feel burdened by the need to self-isolate and quarantine, the homeless, who often deal with extremely close living conditions with one another, don’t have the space to do so if need be, while also being at higher risk of contracting the virus. Now more than ever, they need the community to lift them up. 

Although participants won’t be lacing up their skates for the annual local pro-am tournament this year,  HHTH is launching a nationwide online fundraiser called “The Hockey Helps the Homeless Canada Life Cup”  in an effort to support the homeless. 

The dollars raised in the fundraiser will be going towards five Waterloo Region community supporting charities: House of Friendship, oneROOF, Youth Services, Y-W Waterloo, Lutherwood’s Safe Haven Shelter, and Cambridge Shelter Corporation.

By taking part, participants will be aiding these five homeless support agencies, and in return will have the chance to win “one of a kind experiences with NHL alumni, top-tier fundraising gifts, and more”. Additionally, HHTH will also be selling lawn signs and 50/50 tickets. They will be declaring November 27th as HHTH Day in Waterloo, to continually raise awareness for Waterloo Region’s homeless communities. The Canada Life Cup kicked-off back on October 26th and will continue until February 28th, 2021. To fundraise, donate, or learn more about the Canada Life Cup in the Waterloo Region please visit: waterlooregion.hhth.com.


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