Music is magical. The pretty awesome thing about the right kind of music is the high you get without any “outside” help. Just some good ol’ natural endorphins.

“Hall of Fame”  by  The Script made me think I could get an A on my highschool board exam.

“Alive” by Empire of the Sun made me believe that I could run faster in the gym. “Safe and sound “ by Capital Cities genuinely comforts me in unfamiliar situations.

“Fix you”  Coldplay can get me out of any kind of bad mood with its melancholy tones.

Thus, I have always been able to associate music with different phases of my life.

If it was an adventurous and happy themed moment, I would bang my head to some Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If I was feeling totally in love like a new age romance novel, then any slow song would suffice.

So  what was it? Was it your middle school Linkin Park playlist, or some popular catchy song that got you hooked on to the music?

We may be from different countries and who speak different language but a lot of us might know the lyrics of “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

It is amazing how the DJ unites us in a club and everyone is jumping on the same beats. People are singing untill their throats are sore, they are screaming and shouting untill they can’t anymore.

They all are singing the same words, in the same rhythm but with a different set of fantasies playing in their heads.

My  whole point, other than my basic music choices, is that music uplifts you with either its beats or words.

A different kind of foot tapping euphoria is induced in your brain, with every beat.

Would you lose yourself to music? Is it a dark necessity for human survival to lull our hyperactive brains into submission?

Tune in, find your poison and don’t forget to share it with others.

Nikhar Dhingra

2B Management Engineering

Graphic above by Lea Clarin


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