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This week I bring you a trend report: COLOUR.</p>

Now, colour isn’t a new thing in makeup. It has been around for centuries since the very first uses of makeup. However, changing social attitudes placed greater value in natural beauty. Colour became a faux pas for all good women.

Learning how to do a natural smoky eye is an ever popular request on social media and is regarded as a classic beauty technique. We all desire to be natural beauties. But beauty through makeup was only accomplished by “no makeup makeup” looks that created the illusion of our ideal face.

However, new 21st century beauty trends are challenging those views. Celebrity examples who first started colourful hair include Katy Perry and Kelly Osborne.

This new colour trend can be vibrant and bright or soft and pastel. Multiple colours that fade into each other or colours that complement each other are often used together to create a personal statement.

The new mermaid art form features a soft pastel rainbow or flowing ocean blues, which is another way a hairstylist can show off his techniques and abilities.

More and more colourful makeup looks are also trending and becoming widely accepted than just neutral, brown tones. For example, the 2015 colour of the year is marsala, also called the new neutral by Pantone.

Tips: If you want to try out this trend and are not sure about the commitment, try buying a wig that matches what you are looking for, or try hair chalk.

Are you up to date with the latest trends?


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