The simple joy of taking it easy


don’t think it is radical to say that playing video games on easy should be more widely accepted amongst the gaming community.

I think that easy should be a default rather than “gamers” proclaiming that you can only be a true gamer when you play the hardcore/elite/mastermind ranks. They’re called hardcore for a reason. If it’s my first time playing a video game and I have no idea what’s going on, how the mechanics work, or how many bullets it will take to sink an enemy, I don’t want to be frustrated and angry at this expensive new game. Console games are at least $50 now-a-days, and I want to enjoy myself.

Video games are an escape for many people. You come home from work or school, or both, and you just want to blow off steam. You don’t want to sit at your TV screaming because, after 100 tries, the level is literally impossible for you to complete. How is that relaxing? And how is that an outlet for your stress?

I’m not saying to never try and aspire to play video games at a higher difficulty, some people genuinely enjoy the impossibility and the pride from completing games this way. I just think that the amount of people who do genuinely enjoy games on hardcore are rarer than us, filthy casuals.

Here’s what I will say: if I wanted to wrestle with a stupid task for hours only to receive a shitty reward in return I would go and face my real life. So, go forth, use guides, look up how to solve impossible puzzles and play on easy because at the end of the day it’s about enjoyment and it won’t diminish your experience at all, I promise. You don’t need to prove yourself to other gamers because they “love” hardcore mode and think you should too. Live your life.


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