The so-called technological dystopia


Technology will be the death of us.

It is something that can contribute to progress in our glodalized world, but it is also something that can disrupt social norms and cause fear in people.

As someone who loves studying and observing technology, I find this division saddening.

In the world of big tech companies and innovators, technology is envisioned in a utopian light — something that will aid us in discovering the greater unknown.

But in the world of the “moral guardians,” technology is displayed as taking over our lives in negative ways, kind of like in The Matrix.

There is rarely anyone talking about the middle ground between these two debates.

But does the world of technology really need to be so divided?

Often, we see it displayed as a game-changer and simultaneously, something with the power to ruin lives.

Robots help the elderly in their daily lives as well as fail to meet their emotional needs.

The internet is both a place where people share their ideas as well as a toxic environment.

These things aren’t mutually exclusive, but time and time again a divider exists between these views.

Technology is not something that can only be used for good or evil. It is something that we need to be cautious about, but also something that can help us in more ways than one.

Instead of having a black-and-white concept of  technology, we should focus on how we can use technology to improve our lives, as well as ethical concerns that might arise.

Too often do we point our finger at technology when something isn’t right and forget to actually understand and solve those issues.

It’s clear that something’s got to change.


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