The University of Waterloo and Rogers Partner in Real-World 5G Network Research


Rogers is bringing Canada’s first 5G network to 18 new cities and towns in Ontario, including Kitchener and Waterloo. This makes their 5G network the largest in Canada, supporting a total of 50 cities and towns. 

With new technology comes a major research opportunity that UW is not missing out on. Rogers and UW have entered in a three-year, multi-million-dollar partnership to test the applications and efficiency of Rogers’ 5G network. 

UW’s 5G Smart Campus will help advance 5G research and technology through projects, including but not limited to 5G smart city infrastructure monitoring, alerting systems, as well as 5G network design and operations research. This partnership puts the University at the forefront of 5G research in a real-world setting, making it the first smart campus in Canada to accomplish this.

This technology has become invaluable to some during the pandemic, given its unmatched speed and reliability compared to any other wireless technology. Many new phones come equipped with 5G, including the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S10 and above. 

Rogers is also collaborating with ENCQOR 5G,  a five-year partnership agreement between the government and industry leaders that aims to accelerate the development of 5G infrastructure in Canada. This is a $400-million-dollar partnership supported by the Government of Canada, Ontario, and Quebec that will allow enterprises to make the most out of the new technology across the country.

A widespread 5G network will increase the capabilities of wireless technology significantly, allowing for a large increase in connected devices and creating a much shorter response time. It will theoretically drop the lag between sending a request to the network and receiving a response to one millisecond.


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