The votes are in

Leading into reading week, the results of both the FEDs 2016 elections and the SLC/PAC expansion referendum were announced early Friday morning. Students voted Team Impact into office, and also voted in favor of the SLC/PAC expansion project.</p>

Nine per cent of UW’s student population voted in Feds elections, whereas 16 per cent voted in the SLC/PAC expansion referendum. The tally for the referendum was 3458 in favor and 1209 against.

Chris Lolas, who has been re-elected for his second consecutive term as President, was pleased to have the opportunity to continue his work.

“It’s very exciting to know that I can continue to see some projects I’ve been working on, such as the University’s sexual violence policy, through to completion. I’m so grateful to students for that opportunity,” he said.

However, this year he will be joined by a new team as Sarah Wiley replaces Stéphane Hamade as VP Education, Deanna Priori replaces Maaz Yasin as VP Internal and Brian Schwan replaces Carly McCready as VP of Operations and Finance.

“It’s certainly going to be a different feel with new VP’s,” said Lolas, adding “but if there are any people who can fill the shoes of Maaz, Carly, and Stephane, it is [Wiley, Priori and Schwan].”

As well, Lolas will be able to continue his work on the SLC/PAC expansion project.

Now that the referendum has passed, the team leading the project will have to appoint an architect and confirm the location to ensure consistency with the Master Plan. As well the budget will need to be approved following a more detailed plan.


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