The worst of E3 2016

E3 2016 has come and gone. For all the excitement and optimism that the event stirs up in hearts of gamers across the globe, E3 has its fair share of horrible, rage-inducing, and cringe-worthy moments. Be it an annoying host like Mr. Caffeine or something we never asked for such as the Kinect,&nbsp; there is always enough bad to go around.</p>


Why do I need an Xbox One again?

Microsoft's press conference wasn't that bad. Actually, it was one of their best showings in years aside from one glaring issue: they continually reinforced that there's no real need to own an Xbox One. Yes, it is more convenient and cost effective to buy a console over a gaming PC and Xbox Anywhere is a great idea, but when I can buy every “exclusive” for my computer, it defeats the purpose of a console. It didn't help that Microsoft wasted the last five minutes to supposedly reveal Project Scorpio.

What is Project Scorpio you ask? That is a good question that nobody knows how to answer considering Microsoft told us nothing about it. Outside the buzzwords some talking heads threw around in the “reveal” trailer and Phil Spencer's declaration that nobody would be left behind, all can I guess is that the Scorpio is a brand new console. Whether it's a new console or not, Microsoft just made one of the most short-sighted decisions in video game history and killed all momentum for Xbox One S, the slim model of the Xbox One that they announced about an hour before Project Scorpio. Because no matter what Project Scorpio turns out to be, there isn't much reason to buy an Xbox One until holiday 2017.

It's like Microsoft is their own worst enemy.


No direction for Ubisoft

For a company on the verge of a hostile takeover, Ubisoft had a confusing showing at E3 2016. From the acid trip that was the Just Dance 2017 live performance to the underwhelming reveal of Steep, Ubisoft was all over the place. While there were a few good moments like the For Honor and South Park: Fractured But Whole demos, I spent more time confused on what Ubisoft was trying to accomplish during these two hours.

There was a time when Ubisoft was amongst the most creative AAA publishers in the industry, but now they just feel like a shadow of their former self. Established franchises, new IPs, VR experiments, and, oddly enough, movies were all shown off during the two-hour conference. It was too much crammed into one show. Plus, it made the once revered publisher look like it was having a mid-life crisis. I got the feeling the French publisher doesn't truly understand their audience.

Happy 30 years Ubisoft, but it might be time to re-evaluate things before you do something you regret. Wait, they seriously announced a Watch_Dogs movie? I give up.


FIFA story mode!? Are you serious?!

I know that I mentioned this in last week's column, but it still baffles me. Who in their right mind said, “Hey! You know what would make FIFA better — a story mode”? Get it through your skull, EA. Nobody plays a sports game for the story mode. I understand FIFA sells great every year, but your target audience plays FIFA for the career and Ultimate Team modes not a story about a fictional soccer player.

Add in that EA took valuable time away from Star Wars and Mass Effect to explain this useless mode and just thinking about FIFA 17's story mode makes my blood boil.

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