THEMUSEUM announces new musical companion exhibition for UNZIPPED

Musical Companion Unzipped Courtesy Jia Chen

Following the anticipation of their upcoming Rolling Stones exhibit, UNZIPPED, THEMUSEUM has announced a new project. The REVERBERATIONS exhibition will explore and celebrate the history of rock and soul in the Waterloo region by presenting a collection of spectacular musical moments.

On the Mike Farwell Show, David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM announced that the rock and soul exhibition will become a permanent exhibition for the region. To develop the exhibition, THEMUSEUM partnered with former radio producer and writer Mike Tennant and curator Virginia Eichhorn, who will be interviewing local community members to share their stories about music in the Waterloo area. THE MUSEUM will also collect artifacts like ticket stubs, posters, and merchandise to be displayed in their exhibit. 

“It’s more about the ‘holy cow’ moments – what do you recall when you heard the Guess Who’s ‘American Woman’ riff was created here in Kitchener, or that moment when you saw someone on the stage, got an autograph, or you went to The Aud for a concert and saw your favourite band,” Marskell said. “Those are the types of things we want to bring out in our community.”

Ever since the exhibition was announced, Marskell stated that there has been an overflow of individuals sharing their memories via an archive of music from young and old. Marskell said that he is receiving submissions from the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge. He is also that people will remember shows from Starlight to Centre in the Square and the musicians who came out from this community. 

“You think of the Lulu’s, the bands that played at the University of Waterloo – Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell … it’s a pretty deep, rich history, and we need to celebrate it more,” Marskell explained. 

 THEMUSEUM is considering launching a Facebook group to collect submissions. Marskell hopes that once things are set up and running, more artifacts and memories will come forward. 

The exhibition organizers are calling for sponsors and support to help develop the project. As it stands, THEMUSEUM is still searching for a space to run the show and seeking a location to host a three-to-four-month program next fall. Marskell is hoping that the community can find a space to make a permanent facility. 

Much like with UNZIPPED, one of the biggest concerns is the possibility of a delay due to the pandemic. However, REVERBERATIONS is so ambitious that it deserves to have a permanent space for the region for generations to enjoy — there should be a balance between historical and pop-culture spaces. 


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