This week: Were you satisfied with how you spent Reading Week? Why or why not?


Ashutosh Adhikari

Master’s Candidate Math Computer Science Thesis

“I’m a grad student so the way I see it, every week is a Reading Week for me. We do not take as many courses as undergrads, and we don’t have to study as much because we have less exams. Our courses are more research-based, which I take more of because I am doing a computer science thesis. But in terms of the actual week itself, I just came to the library and did work, as per usual.”

Hassan Quershi

3A Environment and Business

“I spent Reading Week working on my projects. I wasn’t in Waterloo, but I was still working on my assignments, projects, and co-op work term report. It was really productive for me, as well as relaxing because I got to escape the stress of having to attend lectures.”

Nicole Soja

                                       1B Biology                                   

“I got to sleep in! Sleeping in is always a good time. I also got to catch up on some school work. So right now, I am back on track and on par with the course schedule, so now I have to work on just maintaining that balance with everything.”

Clare Roxas

4A Actuarial Science

“It wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be, which is not good because I have a lot of midterms going on right now. I got to study a little bit, but it was mostly just sleeping in, self-care, that kind of stuff.”


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