This week: Would you consider being a sugar baby to fund your education?


Justin Drapeau, 4B

Business Administration & Computer Science

“No, that is not right. It’s weird.”

Kevin Scodras, 3A


“No. I, fortunately, have enough money to pay for school. But it would probably be something at the back of my mind. I know with these new cuts to OSAP this seems like it’s not too bad of an idea for people I know who depend on OSAP.”

Sophie Rickert, 3B

Environment and Business

“Personally, no. But there might be other students walking around that would consider it, or maybe are already doing it. I’m not against it; it’s a choice and a lifestyle that people may choose to live. Especially if they really need it. Let them live their life.”

Yuelin Qi, 3B

Applied Math

“Of course not! It’s not right! It’s nice that we’re young and we look nice, but we should use other resources for money, and do something more meaningful. Maybe find a part-time job? You will be learning something that you can carry on for the rest of your life, as opposed to just taking money from a rich guy for minimal-to-no-work.”


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