Tim Hortons in SLC reopens


After a temporary closure last week, the Tim Hortons located in SLC is open for business once again. 

The closure occurred after UW Food Services was made aware of a video circulating online which showed two rats running along pipes in the store room. The video was posted on TikTok by an account called Rats at Waterloo, and has garnered more than 275,000 views.

Rebecca Elming, Director of Media Relations at UW, explained that the location was deep-cleaned “from floor to ceiling” by a third-party cleaner. “This location also received a passing inspection from both Tim Hortons and the Health Inspector late last week before re-opening,” Elming said.

After the prompt closure last week, Tim Hortons media relations added that the location would not be reopened until all “strict standards” have been met.

 Elming also shared that Food Services and Plant Operations worked “to seal off all conduits and gaps leading to the Tim Hortons area after successful pest control work”.