Time for mental health issues to be taken seriously Inkblot seeks to provide students with an online counselling service

Photos by Ju Hyun Kim
Photos by Ju Hyun Kim

University campuses across Ontario and Canada have seen increases in mental health-related issues over the past several years. As society evolves, the importance placed upon mental health problems has also increased, with more targeted treatment, increased research, and further funds being devoted towards mental health required resources.

Inkblotherapy.com, an online counselling platform, is one such resource that has been introduced. Founded by Dr. Arash Zohoor, a family physician, and Luke Vigeant, an expert in technology and entrepreneurship, Inkblot aims to further improve the available resources to those with mental health issues through an accessible, confidential, and affordable resource. Through its online platform, students across Ontario campuses can seek help and guidance by speaking to a counsellor of their own choosing through text or video chats.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are, to some extents, stigmatized and belittled. Inkblot addresses this issue by giving its users access to help whenever and wherever they feel most comfortable. The online nature of the service allows students who are uncomfortable discussing their mental health issues to easily access the treatment and care they need without the fear, pressure, and anxiety of discussing the issues in other environments.

As is often the case with many illnesses, the longer it may take to receive treatment and/or a diagnosis, the worse the consequences may get.

Similarly, due to a variety of reasons, students who experience mental health problems may not receive the help they should, which leads to further consequences. The hope is that future research, mental health initiatives, awareness, and society norms evolve to accept mental health as an important, relevant, and genuine health and wellbeing risk.


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