Tips for a healthy summer


1. Enjoy the great weather while it lasts — you can walk and/or bike to school or work.

2. Move your exercise routine outside by jogging or trying outdoor yoga.

3. Make sure you wear sunscreen while you are enjoying the sunshine!

4. Take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, flying kite, and rock climbing.

5. Check out local farmers’ markets and find new and creative ways to make your favourite food healthy.

6. During a regular school term you don’t tend to have time to focus on yourself and there is also a lack of sunshine. So find ways to relax and take care of your mental health. Studies show that being in the sunshine helps your mental health.

7. Drink lots of water!

8. Use this opportunity to make use of Feds’ and Imprint’s outdoor study maps.


If you have any tips to share make sure you comment below!



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