Tips for getting fit It's never too late to get started on that summer bod


The 2017 remake of Baywatch may have been a flop, but its ample display of the cast’s firm bodies nearly saved the film. It left us squishy mortals lusting after some tight bodies of our own. While the best time to start getting fit was three months ago, your summer bod is ready when you are. With that in mind, here are some tips for getting started on the road to fitness.

Eating habits will make or break a fitness program. Cutting elements like soft drinks, Krispy Kremes, and margaritas to once a week. Your body will love you and you’ll love your body.

Don’t do it alone. A gym buddy can be your spotter, motivator, sous-chef, and partner in flexing. Use your buddy to share in the struggle and the subsequent success you’ll experience.

Lift light, lift right. Resistance training is one of the best ways to build muscle, but loading up too fast and not learning form can lead to injuries faster than you can say “do you even lift bro?” Ask a gym employee if your form is good and watch videos to make sure you’re lifting safely and efficiently.

Do something every day. Be it running for the bus, doing two sets of pushups, or popping some squats between classes, try to be active every day. Every moment can be a fitness moment!

It’s supposed to be fun! Fitness is the best kind of addiction in that it probably won’t kill you.

Achieving success in fitness is like having a kid at the right age: you’ll be swarmed by swooning strangers and your friends may well be jealous of your new gains, be they muscular or familial. If it was easy everyone would be fit, but if it was impossible nobody would be.


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