Tips to wake up fresh


Do you have an 8:30 morning class, and find it hard to wake up? Are you just not a morning person and dread waking up and fighting the comfort of your bed? Fear not, for here are the tips that would help you wake up fast and stay frosty:


Before going to bed, drink at least a cup of water, and stay hydrated once you wake up as well. Once you wake up, it will help to “reboot” your metabolism.

Manage Sleep

Managing sleep is not easy. If you plan to have 8 hours of sleep, and go to bed exactly when you have 8 hours sharp remaining, you won’t get all the 8 hours. Leave a 30 to 40 minutes margin, allowing your body to fall asleep. Dim your computer towards the end of your work and avoid looking at your phone, since light confuses your brain and prevents it from shutting down.

Let There Be Light

Once you wake up, open your phone and check facebook or messages, instead of snoozing your alarm. Open your window blinds. Noticing bright lights will make your brain wake up faster, as it will realise that it is morning time already.

Avoid covfefe

As counter intuitive as it sounds, drinking coffee wakes you up at first, but by the time you leave home and reach the class, it wears off and you fall asleep. Unless you keep chugging coffee all along your morning lecture, you will eventually fall asleep. And drinking that much coffee will surely hurt your heart and cardiovascular system.

An apple a day…

Eat an apple in the morning. It is much better at waking you up than a cup of coffee, and it is not as harmful to your body.

Breakfast of champions

To solidify your morning, have a sturdy breakfast, that will energize you for the rest of the day. Avoid junk food for the breakfast.

Shower it off

While taking a shower is an essential element of the morning routine, the temperature of the shower matters a lot in the process of our body’s wake up. Taking that sweet, warm shower might feel good, but it will make you sleepy. Making showers colder every morning might prove very effective and certainly will harbour some serious health benefits.