To avid x-word enthusiasts



1. Macy’s equivalent

6. Young goat

8. Bird on the Canadian dollar

9. ____ With an E, show on CBC/Netflix (check if this needs italics) which ended last year

10. ___ ___ Logan, the comic on which the 2017 film is based

12. Geometry teacher from Alexandria

14. A bristle at the end of grains and cereals

15. To stand in the way of

17. Marvel race fighting the Skrull

18. Hominid in the genus Australopithecus

19. A disease restricted to a specific locale

24. Synonym for 11 Down.

25. Eyewear company, branded especially for sports

28. Mythic giant bird

29. Island shared between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei

30. Artificial island connected to Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge

31. With two parts or elements

33. As far as (two words)

34. Finale

35. Tamagotchi, Webkinz, and Neopets


1. Hamm, Don Draper in Mad Men, 

2. Amusement park island in New York, NY

3. Tubes using pressurized air or gas to deliver capsules

4. Whether ’tis ______ in the mind to suffer (Hamlet III.i.2)

5. Pleasant sounding music, M______

6. Usman, the “Nigerian Nightmare” who broke Covington’s jaw

7. Wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls

8. Potato chip brand

11. Grand or amazing

13. Gym on Columbia

16. Detergent eaten on a dare (two words)

17. To have gotten pregnant (two words)

20. Captain of the USS Enterprise

21. Iconic first two words of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (1998) 

22. Rotational force

23. James Bond’s novelist, Fleming

24. To deteriorate, especially in geology

26. Also called a hand lense

27. Drake’s acronym to live life to it’s fullest

32. Wireless company entering the entertainment sector 


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