Top 5 date ideas near campus

<strong>Get nerdy:&nbsp;</strong>Nothing says a Waterloo date like&nbsp; geeking-out together. The local board game cafes are a great chance to see if your date has the right stuff to kick your ass. Board games give you something to do together so the conversation never wanes. Snacks and drinks are always a plus too! The local joints are Games on Tap, Crossroads, and Adventure&rsquo;s Guild.</p>

Get Indie: Sure, you could go to Galaxy and watch any old movie … or you could go to Princess Cinema and impress your date with your stunning intellect and cultural sensitivity. Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight is just one of the more mainstream movies playing, along with a collection of more indie movies.

Get cozy: If you are in an active mood, why not go skating at the town square? Either bring your own skates or rent a pair from McPhail’s. Once you are nice and chilly, grab dessert at Symposium or sip tea at David’s Tea (I recommend a hot chocolate latte or Snow Day to cozy up with).

Get classy: With a description that reads “offering bespoke coffee drinks, single-malt scotch & artisanal baked goods,” you know you’ve found a place that will turn you from a hoodie-wearing, napping-on-campus student to a full-fledged Adult ™ with one visit at Death Valley’s Little Brother.

Get hungry: When in doubt, there’s always Marbles or the Bomber. Or, for more restaurant suggestions, check out Lens on Food.


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