The Warriors and the Varsity Blues faced off on Friday night (Oct. 13) in a hard-hitting game full of intensity.

The game was fast-paced, thrilling spectators until the very end.

Sadly, after winning their first game of the season 9-3, the Waterloo Warriors fell short and lost 3-1 to the Toronto Varsity Blues.

From the start, it looked as though the Warriors’ efforts were going to be thwarted by the Blues. If not for goalie, Mike Morrison, the score for the Blues could have been much higher.

The end of the first period saw the Warriors out shot 14-6 and most of the play remained in the Warriors’ end.

The second period started much better after a 1-0 score in the first.

The Warriors came out stronger and kept pace with the Blues for the entire period.

Shots remained at an even 20-20 before the start of the third.

Early in the last period, a wicked wrister from Markson Bechtold put the Warriors back in the game.

Celebration of Bechtold’s first career goal didn’t last long as sadly the rest of the third saw the fall of the black and gold.

Seven minutes into the third, the Blues’ Hunter Atchison scored a team-boosting goal that propelled the Blues into the final minutes of the third period.

The game was sealed when Atchison scored a second goal for the Varsity Blues.

The Warriors tried to even up the game with a last-minute empty net to gain an additional player but it didn’t result in anything.

The Varsity Blues snatched a 3-1 victory.

Considering the game took place on Friday Oct. 13th, it could be said that the bounces not going in the Warrior’s favour was just a case of bad luck.

The boys in black and gold take on the Voyageurs from Laurentian and continue on the road to Nipissing to face the Lakers.

To find the men’s hockey team’s full schedule, check out the University of Waterloo’s Athletics site.


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