Trajectories of glass


Curated by Sheila McMath, the Canadian Clay and Glass Art Gallery hosted seven Canadian glass artists for their latest exhibition Trajectories. Each artist won the RBC Award of Glass between 2008 and 2016.

The artists use various glass manipulation techniques in their works. One technique is glass blowing, used in works such as Brad Turner’s Redundant Vessels, a series of blown glass shaped as vessels inside one another.

Another glass manipulation technique is water jet cutting, a technique used in Glass Flooring by Rachel Wong. This piece uses brick, stainless steel, and brass as well as glass to create a pattern on the ground.

Some artwork, such as Final Harvest: Hollow Catch by Benjamin Kikkert, make use of other materials such as copper elements and mixed media in their work.

One mixed media work that stands out is Can’t stop thinking about love and my body by Ito Laïla François. This installation uses various materials outside of glass, such as rope, transferred images, and wool. The work gives off a fishing vibe with the hooks on the ground and fins hanging from the ceiling.

Each glass artist is unique in their use of glass craftsmanship.

Trajectories will run at the  Canadian Clay and Glass Art Gallery until Mar. 18.