Trick or troublesome?


Now, I have never been one to celebrate Halloween, but it has come and gone and I’ve seen that there is a lack of Halloween spirit on campus. It requires so much time and effort that university students just do not have. I mean, when you have multiple assignments and midterms to prepare and study for, how do you get time to plan a costume? Even more, won’t you feel ridiculous wearing a costume and walking around campus, trying to get from one class to another while everyone is staring at you as you walk past, giving you weird glances because you’re in a costume? I definitely would. What is even the hype of Halloween?

I understand the importance of it for little children. They get to dress up and go around trick-or-treating, and that is fun. Yet, for grown university students, what is the significance? It is not like you are going to go from one place to another to get candy, so the costume aspect just seems pointless at this time. Even if you come to classes dressed in a costume, what is the point of it? In my mind, it is a waste of time.

I have seen people dressed in costumes, but it is just an accessory or something small that can be removed. They wear these accessories as part of a costume to class, but when they have to walk from one place to another, they remove it. Why is that? Are you ashamed because you think you look funny and ridiculous? Or you just don’t want people to see and judge you? In that case, if you are going to wear a costume, shouldn’t you wear it proudly instead of removing it when you see fit and convenient?

You might wear a costume to show others that it is Halloween, but is anyone going to pay mind and care? When it is cold outside and everyone is hustling and busily making their way to their own classes and dealing with their own agendas, do you really think they are going to stop and think, “Oh wow, that costume is amazing?” No, the majority of university students are so caught up and consumed with their own lives and plans, whether you wear a costume or not, they are not going to care.

More so, the temperature outside is dropping and only getting colder, so why would you even want to wear a costume that you aren’t going to be warm in? Would you rather freeze for the cause of showcasing your costume? What does that prove?

Taking into consideration all of this, you should really ask yourself, is it really worth it? Does all the time and effort of planning a costume make sense and seem plausible when no one is going to? Maybe it is because my lack of Halloween spirit likely stems from something deeper and is probably a by-product of attending university and simply not having the time to truly enjoy myself. For me then, I don’t see how all the effort of Halloween traditions, especially with all the discomfort and preparation, could be worth it. So then, does Halloween mean much to you or can you forgo it?

Tamara Thompson

Opinion Editor


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