U-Pass referendum brings out nearly 30 per cent of voters

Executive election voter turnout is up nearly one per cent from last year. Just over 11 per cent of the 29,766 eligible voters participated in this year’s Feds executive election. However, the U-Pass referendum, which had 29,736 eligible voters, saw a 28 per cent turnout.

The executive and U-Pass vote were both on the same web page.

In the presidential race, Team Green candidate Moe Bdeir was eliminated in the first ballot with 921 votes compared to Danielle Burt (Team Spark) and Jesse McGinnis (Team Nova), who received 1,335 and 1,249 respectively. In the second ballot, 1,597 votes went to Burt and 1,439 went to McGinnis. Burt won the third ballot with 2,467 votes, eight per cent of the student body. The presidential race saw the highest voter turnout for the exec positions.

Had Feds used the first past the post voting system as they have in previous years, Burt still would have won with 38 per cent over McGinnis’ 35.6 per cent.

Notably, with the exception of the VP education race, Team Green candidates were eliminated on the first ballot of all other positions.

For more information, check out&nbsp;<a href="https://uwimprint.ca/article/4045-students-vote-in-favour-of-u-pass">Students vote in favour of U-Pass and Team Spark takes three of four exec seats</a>


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