The world is continuously evolving, hence, the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious vehicles is becoming a necessity. 

The UW Midnight Sun Solar Car Team is a leader in the development of solar-powered vehicles.

Their newest project, the Midnight Sun XIV car, will be a hyper-efficient solar-powered electric vehicle capable of carrying up to four occupants.

A funding campaign on Indiegogo was created to support the costs of the aerodynamic and lightweight aerobody of the vehicle. 

“We believe creating consumer-oriented solar-powered vehicles is an important step in achieving a more sustainable future,” the Midnight Sun campaign page described.

The team managed to raise $8,900 of their initial $10,000 goal from the campaign. 

Established in 1998, the Midnight Sun team has led the way to a sustainable future, demonstrating the potential in renewable energy.

In 2018, the team completed the American Solar Challenge and completed a 3000-kilometre solar car race across the United States. The team has also represented the University of Waterloo in the World Solar Challenge.

Their newest model, the Midnight Sun XIV, is set to compete in the 2021 American Solar Challenge. T Challenge is proposed to start in Independence, MO and end in Santa Fe, NM, although the locations of the race haven’t been finalized.

MS XIV is our most ambitious project yet,” the Midnight Sun team shared, “With a four-person capacity, an emphasis on interior design, and better aerodynamics than our previous solar car, MS XIV comes one step closer in our mission to push the boundaries of consumer-centred solar vehicles.”

The unveiling of Midnight Sun XIV is set to take place in April 2021, prior to the American Solar Challenge in late July.



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