University of Waterloo under construction

UW is growing, and with growth comes construction. According to the <em>Campus Master Plan</em> completed in 2009, we can expect many changes in the next few years. These include more bike routes on campus, a sidewalk on the east side of Westmount, south of St. Paul&rsquo;s, more pedestrian crossings on Columbia, structured parking instead of surface lots, new buildings beside SCH, RCH, and the Tatham Centre, an expansion for PAC, and additional green area quads all throughout campus. The goal is to connect South Campus, new developments between Ring Road and Phillip Street (East Campus), and areas north of Columbia (North Campus and Northwest Campus).</p>


St. Jerome’s Expansion – to open in summer 2016

As part of their Campus Renewal 2015, new structures are scheduled to open at St. Jerome’s in July 2016. A new academic building will include a 300-seat lecture hall, five other classrooms ranging from 50 to 125 seats, a boardroom, and an atrium. The new residential building will include 360 beds in single and shared rooms, a large main floor area, a games room, a fitness studio, a music room, and study and community spaces.  


South Commons Landscaping – to be completed at end of summer 2016

In order to improve connectivity and walkability on campus, part of the hill behind the Grad House will be reduced. Currently, in order to reach RCH from the Arts Quad, you have to walk around Dana Porter or around the Tatham Centre and through SCH. Either way, allot an extra three minutes to get to class! And for the remainder of the semester, only a small portion of the green space can be used. However, the end result will be a large seating area, including tables with charging ports for laptops and phones, more trees, and possibly a water feature.


Hagey Hall Courtyard – to open in fall 2016

After all the roundabouts through AL, the new courtyard in Hagey Hall will be opened soon. A multi-level atrium is being created to serve as a student hub for meetings, project and group work, and quiet studying. As well, it will include food and coffee services. As of April 6, 2016, construction is on schedule and the building will be opened to everyone in the fall.


 AHS Expansion – to open in fall 2016

A new four-storey building for with a 350-seat lecture theatre is due to open soon in AHS. It will include kinesiology research and teaching labs, a graduate seminar room, offices, and student workspaces.  Additionally, it will have an anatomy lab for the School of Anatomy. Therefore, there will be a better connection between the SLC and Math buildings to Ring Road and the north entrance to South Campus on Columbia Ave.


St. Paul’s Expansion – to open in fall 2017

The fencing has been up the past few weeks and construction will begin soon at St. Paul’s. The new project, set to be completed before the fall 2017 semester, will include a new building with a large multipurpose room, incubation space for St. Paul’s Greenhouse, and more room for Watson’s Eatery.  Live-in programs, including residence, will have 70 new single rooms with private bathrooms as well as communal study and program spaces. This construction will take up some of the parking space near St. Paul’s, the green space in front of the building, and entrance through the main door.


Student Residence – completed in summer 2017

In one of the parking lots for UWP, a new student residence building is being constructed. Due to the LRT construction, the entire area is best to avoid: just walk through other UWP residences or Waterloo Park.


Engineering 7 – completed in summer 2018

Enrolment growth for Mechatronic and Biomedical streams, as well as graduate programs, requires more space, and with that, yet another new building for the engineers on campus. The 242,000 square feet E7 will be one of the largest on campus and will add more density to East Campus. In the meantime, students and staff are asked to use the south and north sides of E5 and E6. When completed, the building will have bridge access from E3 to E5 to E7 to E6.