UW coach helps U17 girls to bronze


On Saturday, Aug. 5, the U17 Ontario Basketball Association girls’ team took home the bronze cup from U17 nationals with an 11-0 run into overtime (OT). The team was led by UW associate coach Christine Hyde, who has played and coached in some of the highest levels of basketball around the world including a variety leagues across Europe, such as France, Turkey, Germany and Belgium. 

Hyde said that though she wished the team had more time to prepare, the experience was still “great.” She praised the girls on the team, some of whom are already signed to schools. She singled out several players for their accomplishments during the game including Rebecca Milon, who scored 23 points and 15 rebounds, Taylor Williams, who “pushed through in the time she was on the court” despite not feeling well, and Stella Sgro, who sent the game to overtime, though Hyde said that she could “talk about every single one of those girls.” 

Hyde also commended how in “the short amount of time that [they] had, [they] were able to rally together and bring home a bronze.”

“I’m beyond proud of those girls,” she said.