UW makes quantum leap


Researchers have discovered a new method, cycle benchmarking, that allows researchers to assess the potential of scalability and compare quantum platforms against each other.

The discovery could help establish universal standards in measuring the performance of quantum computers.

“This finding could go a long way toward establishing standards for performance and strengthen the effort to build a large-scale, practical quantum computer,” Joel Wallman, an assistant professor at UW’s Faculty of Mathematics and Institute for Quantum Computing, said. 

This massive breakthrough emerges in a time where the competition towards reaching quantum computing supremacy is rapidly growing. 

Cycle benchmarking plays a crucial role in helping push the development of quantum technologies and making them more accessible to potential markets.

“Cycle benchmarking is the first method for reliably checking if you are on the right track for scaling up the overall design of your quantum computer,” Wallman said.

Powerhouse quantum computing companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Google have all made announcements regarding their leaps in quantum technology within the last three months. 

“Thanks to Google’s recent achievement of quantum supremacy, we are now at the dawn of what I call the `quantum discovery era,’ Joseph Emerson, a faculty member at IQC, said.

“This means that error-prone quantum computers will deliver solutions to interesting computational problems, but the quality of their solutions can no longer be verified by high-performance computers. 

These breakthroughs are part of a higher chain of development in the close race towards quantum computing.

Quantum computers are ultimately the most powerful form of computing available today. When compared to traditional computers, quantum computers can solve problems immensely faster. 

This is because not only do they utilize a conventional zero and one binary code, quantum bits can also be both a zero and 1onecode at once. 

Companies with large data processing banks must implement technologies such as cycle benchmarking to help push their company’s future into one leveraging the benefits of quantum computing. 


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