With their win against the Queen’s Golden Gaels, the Warriors make yet another win against the York Lions. With a score of home 77 vs. away 66, the Warriors are now on two game winning streak.

Their heads held high, the Warriors stood strong on the court.

The Lions started with the ball in the second period. As soon as the Lions came onto the Warrior ground, Justin Malnerich, first year guard, blocked their shot but got a foul call. The Lions, pressured by the Warriors, missed both penalty shots. The Warriors took advantage of this chance and paced themselves into offense. David Ramon Prados, third year forward, scored a three pointer and the crowd went wild.

Agitated by the Warriors the Lions lost the ball, which gave the Warriors another chance to score. Prados then confidently made another three point shot. Despite the excitement and roaring crowd, the Warriors kept their head in the game. Justin Hardy, second year guard, blocked the incoming Lion shot, which gave Simon Petrov, second year point guard, a chance to score a two pointer.

Overwhelmed by the Warriors, the Lion’s called a timeout.

The scoreboard lit up with home 27 and away 17.

York came back into the game with a two point shot. Despite this sudden energy from the Lions, Petrov brought the ball up the court and performed an ankle break on the guarding lion. The crowd roared throughout the gym. Petrov made a shot but the lions were caught goaltending and got a foul call. Petrov then made both penalty shots in.

The determined York Lions then made a three point shot. However, first year forward Jeff Baradziej came back and score a three pointer as well. It was a day full of intense three point showdowns.

Nedim Hodzic, second year forward, attempted to make a backhand lay up but hit the ring and missed. York then missed the next shot with strong defense coming from Hardy. The Warriors came in strong in offense but the Lions hit the ball out of bounds. Hodzic then took this opportunity to score but got a penalty shot due to a York foul call.

With one minute left in the game, the Warriors stayed alert. York got a foul call giving Prados a chance to score. Prados got the first shot in but missed the second shot. However, he rans for the rebound and passed it to Petrov who made a buzzer beater two pointer.

At the end of the second period, the score was Warriors 41 Lions 25.

Catch the Warrior’s playing their next home game on Jan. 5 at 8 p.m.


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