UW opens new rock-climbing wall

Photo courtesy to UW

Convenient and fun are two words that are quite descriptive of the new rock climbing wall at the University of Waterloo. During the fall term of 2021, the rock climbing wall opened its doors to climbing and bouldering fans alike. And although it has gained popularity since the time it has opened, it remains an unknown mystery to most.

Located in the physical activities center, more commonly known as PAC, the wall is 40 feet high. With bright yellow coloring and multicolored holds, the wall is nothing short of welcoming. All levels are welcome. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can decide the level of challenge you want to take on. There are five automated ropes for climbers to use by themselves and five manual belays for climbers to partner up. 

If top-rope climbing is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. There’s also a spacious 20-foot high bouldering wall if that is what you’re into, because worry not, others in the gym are just as curious as you are.“Not only is it convenient and fun, but I also feel much stronger physically since I started rock climbing,” said Jacoub Bouckley, the first Waterloo certified belayer.

So, are you looking for your next hobby? Did this article convince you to check out the new rock climbing wall? If your answer is yes to both those questions, then you might find it quite convenient that you can purchase a rock climbing membership to access the wall, with no further cost, for the entire term. And if you are not too sure and are looking to try a new thing, e, you can purchase a day pass at the PAC customer service desk. A one-day pass that can get you an hour and a half long rock climbing session for only $12 plus the cost of shoes. Meanwhile, a rock climbing membership (including shoe rental) for the term is $75. 

So, can you imagine how fun and convenient it is to have access to a rock climbing wall within a walking distance?

If you are ready for a new hobby, don’t forget, it is only a few walking minutes away, and it goes by the name of rock climbing.