UW parking fees to increase


Effective May 1, student parking fees per term will increase to $235.61 (including tax), an increase of roughly 39 per cent from the previous price of $169.50 (including tax). 

In an email sent to UW students Wednesday, Jacinda Reitsma, vice president of administration and finance, outlined the changes as necessary to continue delivering on community expectations. The parking fee increases are the first in 12 years.

Other fees to increase are student term parking fees for those who live in residences, which will increase to $208.50, including tax. Both indoor and outdoor biking storage will now be $7 a month, and hourly parking rates will increase from $2 to $3.

Fines from parking citations and movable or special constables citations will also increase, with prices varying depending on the violation. For example, the fine for failing to display a permit will increase from $25 to $45.

Students noted on the r/uwaterloo subreddit that the fee increases mean free weekend parking in lot X after 4:30 p.m. will no longer exist, sparking much concern.

In addition, Parking Services’ name will be changed to Sustainability Transportation, a change which is “more descriptive of the services that will be provided.” Reitsman explained that in 2023, Parking Services began working on a new plan that “will ensure equitable access and optimized usage of parking lots, and will make walking, cycling, carpooling, and transit more effective and convenient.”

The plan includes modernization of parking payment options, improvements to roads and lighting, renewed infrastructure (such as curb repairs and parking lot resurfacing), and enhanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Imprint has reached out to Parking Services for comment.