UW Place opens a new wing


Construction is finally coming to a close as Waterloo Residences plans to open a new wing for UW Place in September 2017, just in time for the fall term and its surge of new students.

The new residence boasts 12 floors and 539 beds for both first year and upper year students. Each floor is mixed gender and will have a Don presiding over 48 students housed in 8 single and 20 double rooms.

Courtesy of Waterloo Residences

Each room is carpet-free and temperature controlled and double rooms have incorporated semiprivate features and even have a coed option for upper year students. Privacy has also taken a focus with the creation of 16 full gender-neutral bathrooms per floor, each being shared with only three other students among the 48. Floors were designed with community in mind and will include 5 lounge spaces, as well as a meeting room equipped for studying and socializing.

Unlike the surrounding buildings, this residence is a traditional style dorm and a meal plan is required for students living at these accommodations. The food service eatery will include a Booster Juice as well as showcase international cuisine, much in the same vein of the South Side Marketplace located in SCH. Like all other Food Service locations, it is open to all UW students, but expected to benefit the UW Place community especially. The eatery will even include a mini-mart area for fresh produce, grocery items and meals to go.

Overall the new residence building is designed and constructed with a focus on providing valuable community space for all living at UW Place. With over 2000 students living at UW Place, this residence plans on enhancing their experience in the community as a whole. All of UW Place is expected to have access to the services in the new residence building, including an onsite gym, music room, interfaith rooms, and dining hall space.

Prices have been listed on Waterloo’s Residence’s fees page for the upcoming student year. Interested? Two term contracts are offered for upper-years for this residence during either the Fall/Winter, or Fall/Spring terms.

Waterloo Residences encourages students to stay connected through their social media feeds for updates on the new residence. Check out Waterloo Residence’s virtual 360 Tour of the residence in construction:



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