UW Satellite Campuses

<strong><u>Digital Media &ndash; Stratford</u></strong>

<strong>Stratford Accelerator Centre Lunch &amp; Learn Series:</strong>

<strong>Lunch is free</strong> for registered students. Room 1004, 125 St. Patrick Street, Stratford, ON. To register for the following workshops, visit uwaterloo.ca/stratford-campus/events/stratford-accelerator-centre-lunch-learn-series-oct-10.

<strong>Tuesday, November 4, 12 p.m.</strong>

&ldquo;Working together in the real world&rdquo; &mdash; the power of many and how to win the most sportsperson-like player award on every team.

<strong>Friday, November 7, 12 p.m.</strong>

&ldquo;They&rsquo;re doing it &amp; so can you!&rdquo; &mdash; join UW students Melissa Morgan, Chase Denomme, and Matt O&rsquo;Neill for lunch and a discussion on student entrepreneurship. Learn how they came up with their successful ideas and why being a student entrepreneur ROCKS!!


<strong><u>Architecture- Cambridge</u></strong>

<strong>Now showing until Sunday, January 4, 2015</strong>

<strong>BWR (Building Waterloo Region)</strong> is a festival of exhibitions and related events exploring and celebrating the past, present, and future of progressive architecture and design excellence in Waterloo Region. BWR also marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the School of Architecture and Design.

<strong>Saturday, November 1: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.</strong>

<strong>The School of Architecture</strong> invites all interested students, along with friends and parents, to see the architecture campus, speak with profs and students, tour the facilities, see demonstrations and displays of student work and portfolios, as well as attend a program academic session. To help us plan for your visit, please register at uwaterloo.ca/find-out-more/visit-waterloo/foh-registration.


<strong><u>Pharmacy &ndash; Kitchener</u></strong>

<strong>Fall term</strong> <strong>2014</strong> &mdash; The Pharmacy Research Seminar Series is held on alternate Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in theatre PHR 1008 in the pharmacy building in Kitchener. Topics such as drug discovery, disease management, and health services are a few of the many discussed. For further info/directions, contact sarah.rae@uwaterloo.ca.


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