UW has scheduled classes on statutory holidays, according to the students. 

Through an anonymous informal poll, several UW students informed Imprint that they had an online class scheduled on a holiday. Specifically, one student said that they had a class scheduled on Easter Monday and another said they also had a class on a holiday for SDS 251R. 

“The University does not schedule classes on statutory holidays. If an individual faculty member has inadvertently done so, we encourage students to reach out directly to that faculty member or to their academic advisor,” Cathy Newell Kelly, UW Registrar, said in a statement.

While there is no law specifically barring classes on holidays, students cannot be required to attend classes on holidays, according to the Ontario government’s website.  There is no specific mention of students’ education/training under the industries that continue operating during holidays. 

UW clarifies that some buildings and services remain open during holidays. However, there is no official academic business that is required of students on these days.

“The University does have some administrative departments which remain open over statutory holidays, but there are no deadlines or official university business that is required of students on statutory holidays,” Cathy said.


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