UW student ranks top 20 in Miss Universe Canada pageant


UW masters of accounting Xinxin Zhang made it to this year’s top 20 in Miss Universe Canada. Imprint caught up with Miss Zhang for more on her experience in the pageant.

Zhang highlighted the evening gown portion of the competition where she and designer Candace Daniela, another UW alumnus, designed and constructed her gown. The purpose of this part of the competition was to show the contestant’s personality, and with her gown, Zhang’s aim was to display elegance, class, and sultriness.

There was also an additional costume portion where contestant were required to design a costume that represented Canada. With her costume, Zhang and Daniela wanted to create the illusion that she was walking through an enchanted Canadian maple leaf forest.

The organization emphasized on personality, stage presence, and achievements. Zhang, however, thought it was more shallow than the company let on.

“I think when you start off with the bikini competition for the top 20, and then evening for evening gown for top 10, and then you do the interviews for top 5, it really leaves out the brains until the very end,” Zhang said. “With the way you order things, you’re going to miss out on really great women.”

Zhang plans to continue with artistic or entrepreneurial projects, however she is unsure since she has been working on Miss Universe since April.


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