UW to host the 59th annual Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference


From Oct. 26 to 29, UW will host the 59th annual Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC). 

The undergraduate conference started in 1965 and is designed to allow students from all over Canada to “engage and share knowledge regarding physics and astronomy.” It is planned and run by undergraduate students in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP). The event is attended by more than 120 delegates each year. 

Highlights of the upcoming event include the Graduate & Careers Fair, where students can connect with a variety of companies at local, provincial, and national levels to explore co-op opportunities and professional careers, student oral presentations and poster presentations that “celebrate the best of Canadian undergraduate physics research,” keynotes about Canadian physics research, and panel discussions that explore a variety of physics careers and the opportunities and challenges faced by those in the Canadian physics community. This year’s conference will also host events at the Institute of Quantum Computing, a research institute affiliated with UW. 

Some of the keynote speakers this year include 2018 Nobel laureate and UW physics professor Donna Strickland, associate professor Magdalena Bazalova-Carter from the University of Victoria, astrophysicist Laurie Rousseau-Nepton, UW chemistry professor David Cory, and UW physics professor Robert Mann.

For more information on this year’s conference, visit cupc.cap.ca