UW works to expand trade in India

In a bid to increase research funding, UW has sent a representative to accompany Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s premier, on her 10-day trip to India, which began Jan. 27. 

Bridget Moloney, UW’s senior industrial liaison officer, will present the university’s talent and innovation to industry leaders in an effort to grow trade relations between India and Ontario.

Wynne announced that she would be travelling to India with a throng of political officials and representatives from Ontario academic institutions. The Ontario premier will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi during the trip to discuss trade options.

&ldquo;I really believe that 2016 can be a huge year for Ontario and India,&rdquo; said Wynne according to the <em>Toronto Star</em>.

Some of the schools joining the delegation include the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Western University, and the University of Waterloo.&nbsp;

Moloney, in an email to <em>Imprint</em>, explained that the purpose of the trip is to strengthen an umbrella of ties with the South Asian country.

&ldquo;The meetings in India will provide the opportunity for Ontario universities and companies to meet government and industry decision-makers &hellip; and promote Ontario&rsquo;s expertise in a range of sectors,&rdquo; Moloney said.

The sectors presented include sustainable development and urban infrastructure, cleantech, information and communication technology, life sciences, education, energy, agriculture, aerospace, and culture.

This is fairly timely for India as Modi recently piloted the Smart Cities Mission to develop 100 satellite cities around major urban centres. Deemed &ldquo;smart cities,&rdquo; Prime Minister Modi hopes these retrofitted and sustainable municipalities will be more citizen-friendly.

As for UW, Moloney hopes that the university&rsquo;s research capacity will attract R&amp;D companies in India with locations in Ontario.

&ldquo;As a leading research-intensive university, Waterloo is a critical partner offering research and innovation in energy, environment, and transportation &mdash; the three key focus areas of Ontario government&rsquo;s agenda for this mission,&rdquo; she said. &ldquo;Waterloo can leverage generous government funding programs for research.&rdquo;

When asked what kind of benefits Ontario&rsquo;s post-secondary institutions &mdash; specifically UW &mdash; will see from this trade, Moloney emphasized the expansion of UW&rsquo;s research.

&ldquo;The trip will expand the University of Waterloo&rsquo;s brand in India which includes promoting Waterloo&rsquo;s research reputation. The potential for collaborations with companies, organizations (e.g. cities and municipalities), and academic institutions in India will be explored. Success will be measured by India-University of Waterloo partnerships that result from the mission.&rdquo;

Moloney was chosen to be a part of the delegation as Feridun Hamdullahpur, UW&rsquo;s president, and senior university leaders were unavailable.&nbsp;

&ldquo;My role is industry-facing. This industry mission aligns with my responsibilities,&rdquo; Moloney said. &ldquo;It is an honour to represent the University of Waterloo in India as part of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne&rsquo;s industry mission.&rdquo;


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