UW’s best international clubs

by Victoria Ross

For UW’s international students, there’s no better way to adjust to living in a new country than to join a club. 

Becoming a club member, meeting people with a common purpose or interest and taking part in shared activities is one of the best ways to connect with other students on campus.

International students may get homesick while studying in Canada.  And what better way to overcome homesickness than to meet others from your home country?

At UW, there are many cultural clubs to choose from.

There are Chinese clubs, Indian clubs, Korean clubs, an African Students Association and the Association of Caribbean Students, among others. 

Cultural clubs promote their cultures through fun activities and socials, and by celebrating the festivals and holidays of their particular country. 

Many organize cultural events and dance performances as well.  

Many cultural clubs also participate in the Culture Caravan held every Fall and Winter semester, where they can showcase their traditional outfits and dances. 

Other than the cultural clubs, five clubs in particular may be relevant to international students.

Breaking Barriers aims to provide students with mental health support and to enhance their personal growth at UW.

Reboot is a club to unite students from all faculties and programs.

It is the only UW club that helps students from different faculties collaborate and create things together.  

This unique club provides its members with the opportunity to learn new skills as well as share any knowledge they already might have with other UW students.  

The UW Shopping Club takes students on shopping trips to explore nearby malls in and around Waterloo.  

Members also have the opportunity to attend meetings, lectures and social outings as well as discuss budgeting and ways to save money. 

What a great way to explore your new surroundings!  

The Coffee Lovers CLub makes it easy to meet new people and share thoughts and experiences as well as take part in interesting activities while, of course, having some fun and at the same time, enjoying some great coffee!  

Don’t drink coffee?  Not a problem    the Tea and Culture Club provides students with a place to meet, drink tea, play games and have fun with others.  Also a great way to make new friends at UW!

For a complete list of and more information on WUSA clubs, visit https://wusa.ca/clubs.


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