UW’s new sexual violence response coordinator


This term, the University of Waterloo has introduced a new position in response to the implementation of the new sexual violence policy, Policy 42. The school has just welcomed Amanda Cook as the new sexual violence response coordinator.

Cook’s role in the school community is to provide support, guidance, and relevant resources about sexual violence on campus. Moreover, the individual in this role acts as a bridge to anyone who has survived sexual violence as well. Previous to this role, she worked 9 years in children’s mental health, many of which dealt with youth who have survived sexual abuse.

Students can reach out to Cook through phone or email to set up an appointment, seek help, or just to open up the conversation for general information on the topic. She is welcome to provide resources for both victims of sexual violence or anyone who has committed the act. She is also open to any questions on sexual health, as well as feedback about her role.

Cook made it clear that contacting her does not launch an investigation on a particular case and said her office was a safe space for students where anything said will remain confidential unless a person is at risk of being harmed.

She is currently working to reach out to students to spread awareness about her role. Currently, Cook has Youtube clips regarding the issue that can be accessed online, and is also providing a walk in consent workshop on Oct. 25 in the SLC Great Hall from 1-4p.m. and 5-8p.m.

For more information and resources, you can contact Amanda Cook at amanda.cook@uwaterloo.ca or go to uwimprint.ca for a list of resources provided to Imprint for student access.


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